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7 Reasons Why Fake Diamonds are a Girl's Best Friend

Posted on December 5, 2013 by admin There have been 0 comments

Fake can't be better than real. This is a mindset in most of the "civilized" world. It is what marketing experts use to manipulate buyers into making the "right" purchasing decision. Nowhere is this more evident than in the diamond industry. Below are 7 reasons it is better to buy a fake diamond ring than a real one.

1. Girls Are Conditioned To Want Diamonds
Have you ever heard the phrase, "A diamond is forever?" That was an ad slogan coined in 1947 for the De Beers Diamond consortium. The men that sell diamonds have worked hard to create a world in which nearly every bride-to-be wants to receive a large diamond engagement ring as a part of the proposal. It is now an established part of the marriage ritual; the groom must go diamond shopping for his beloved because you can't have a wedding without a proposal and a proposal requires a diamond ring.

2. Diamonds Are Just Sparkly Rocks
Prior to the 1880's, engagement rings weren't always diamonds. Long ago diamonds were far too rare for every ring. However, once the De Beers began to capitalize on the mines in Africa, they suddenly had a plethora of diamonds. When the bottom fell out of the diamond market, the De Beers created a monopoly so that they could set the prices.

3. Open Pit Diamond Mining Is Environmentally Wrong
Open pit diamond mining is wrong for the environment. Diamond mining often leads to a poisoned water table which can affect neighboring villages full of people, as well as many animals, both wild and domestic. It's quite common that African mines will remove 100 tons of rock from the earth for every 2 grams of diamond they find!

4. The Diamond Business Is Powered By Child Slavery
Most of the world’s diamonds are finished in India where many of the cutters and polishers are bonded child laborers, essentially slaves. Too often the miners and soldiers are children as well.

5. Synthetic Diamonds Are Flawless
Synthetic diamonds are flawless even under magnification. They have the qualities of the IF (inclusion free) diamonds. What's more perfect than flawless bling!

6. Synthetic Diamonds Are Created In A Lab
Synthetic diamonds are carefully created in labs that ensures their perfection. Fake diamonds that are lab created are more than just "conflict free". They do not displace people, destroy the environment, or enslave children. 

7. Simulated Diamond Rings Are Cost-Effective
Simulated diamonds can cost thousands less than their real counterparts. You don't have to spend like a millionaire to look and feel like one.  Ignite your passions with a flawless ring for less. 

The case couldn't be stronger on why fake diamonds are a girl's new best friend. Smart consumerism is the trendiest fashion accessory. Diamonius has an exquisite selection of fake diamond rings.



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