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  • Incredible substitute
    for real diamonds
  • Ideal cuts & flawless
  • Conflict Free & Environmentally Friendly
  • Money back guarantee
  • 2.5% of sales go to orphans

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Simulated Diamond Rings at Diamonius

Blogger Garf of The Destiny of my Life reviewed our Julia Eternity band! Come and read what she had to say.



"This eternity band is perfect for anyone with exquisite taste."

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It’s Sofia

 Diamonius: Simulated Diamond Jewelry

 Blogger Sofia of From PDX with love gave our Blake ring a great review! Come and read more of what she had to say.


Diamonius - Simulated diamond jewelry

"Diamonius...specializes in simulated diamond jewelry and every single one of their pieces is gorgeous."

Diamonius - Simulated diamond jewelry

"The color of the diamond is a pale purple, great for any Spring outfit. This ring reminds me of fields covered with flowers, birds singing and playing up on the air; reminds me of hours of fun and laughter under a warm sun. It is a classic ring, beautiful. A great touch for any outfit, no matter your fashion style."

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 Angela Richter of Angela's Analysis reviwed our Liv ring. Come read her review and discover the "many reasons you may need or want a Simulated Diamond Ring!"


"If you are looking for a nicely made ring of quality and beauty you need to check out the rings at Diamonius"



"I really love this ring, it is gorgeous!  I think it looks beautiful on my hand and you would never know it  wasn’t real.  The simulated diamonds just pop and glisten and the gold plating shines perfectly."

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Duchess Ring

Our Royal Elegance ring was reviewed in Aprilgolighty, a blog about fashion and stlye inpiration.
"The ring is such a stunner and could be worn as cocktail ring, but personally I am the type to wear it everyday."





 See the full review of the this ring and what else she had to say about our products.

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I Wore Jewelry by Diamonius.com on My Red Carpet Walk for Oz The Great and Powerful

Our Duchess earrings and necklace were worn to a red carpet event by A Day in Motherhood’s Lori Pace. Also that night on the red carpet were Mila Kunis, Michelle Williams and Rachelle Weisz. 

"On the big night, where I would be just feet from beautiful and elegant women wearing their own expensive pieces, I put on my Duchess Necklace and Earrings and instantly felt amazing!"

"If you have an eye for the elegant and beautiful, and the desire to have jewels around your neck that didn’t hurt the environment to create, but the budget that goes more towards food in the house than expensive jewels in your ears, then bookmark Diamonius.com and shop there first when you need a new piece."

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The Look of Real Bling on a Ring w/o The Hefty Price w/ @Diamonius


 Our Violet ring was giving rave reviews by Kim from 2 Kids and a Coupon.

 I’ve heard two common sentences from nearly every woman I know who has seen me. They’ve grabbed my hand and said “OMG is that real?” and “How much did it cost?” "

"It’s great to have something that looks and feels so glamorous on a more meager budget, and to also know if something does happen to it I can also afford to replace it."

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  Diamonius Review and Giveaway- Spring Fashionista Blog Hop

Our Adrainna ring and Duchess neckalce were given great reviews by Ustate Ramblings.

"The Adrianna ring that I received is lovely. It looks just like a real diamond, and I have gotten quite few comments on it after only wearing it for a few days. "

" I worry about losing my engagement ring when I am traveling or having a stone come loose.   I think these simulated rings would also make a great choice for a young couple who wants to get a nice engagement ring, but can’t afford their dream ring right away."

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 Diamonius: Choose an Ethically Simulated Diamond Ring (SHINY!)

The Celeste ring and the Sydney Eternity band were reviewed by FireMom from Shop, Drop & Blog.

"In addition to being colorless and flawless and lacking that whole fading and discoloring thing that real diamonds do, there’s the whole lack of a “conflict diamond". No wars. No blood. No looking at the ring and thinking, wondering."


"Shiny AND giving back? You had me at Ethically, Diamonius."

Come read all about the shine of our rings.

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Raising my Boys: Diamonius Simulated Diamond Jewelry

 Blogger Mom2Michael Reviewed our Adrianna ring and the Cheryl ring.

"Adrianna is my favourite of the two, maybe because it has the three gems, but mostly because the visual weight of the ring looks great on my finger. I tend to prefer chunkier designs. The Cheryl is exquisite and very delicate. It would be great for a slender finger or anyone who prefers a simpler design in their jewelry."



See what she had to say about our products.


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 Create with Mom: Dazzling Diamonius Ring

 Our gorgeous Celeste ring was reviewed by Create with Mom Blog.

" I like the real and expensive look of these man-made diamond rings. "


"When I wear the ring it feels luxurious."

 See her full review of the Celeste ring and what else she had to say about our products.

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 Simulated Diamonds: Ethical and Enviromental But are they Just as Pretty?

  Our Gail ring and Celeste ring were reviewed by Lisa Carey for Green Joyment. 

  "It is beautiful to wear and comfortable. And no one, out of a room of 20 women knew that it was simulated, they all thought that it was an amethyst and I had received one really nice Christmas present from the husband."

 This is what she had to say about the Celeste ring; "This ring is breathtaking. Again, only an expert could tell the difference. At least no one I’ve encountered has known that it is simulated."

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