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Why buy Diamonius Replicas?

  • Incredible substitute
    for real diamonds
  • Ideal cuts & flawless
  • Conflict Free & Environmentally Friendly
  • Money back guarantee
  • 2.5% of sales go to orphans

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About Diamonius Necklaces

Be ready for lots of attention!Whether it's a simple pendant or a gorgeous necklace collar, Diamonius necklaces make heads turn. When designing our necklaces we keep in mind the sophistication and luxury that a well designed piece of jewelry should have. Diamonius has created luxury pieces with manmade diamond replicas without the price tag of a mined diamond necklace. Synthetic diamond necklaces will be coming soon.

You will not only look the best you have ever looked in our stunning designs, but you will also feel great because you have made a positive change in the world. At Diamonius we donate 2.5% of our sales to benefit communities that have been devastated by the sales of blood diamonds. Choose from our wide range of elegant, simple and statement necklaces.<

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