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The 5-C’s of Diamonius

The 4-C’s of diamonds, Color, Clarity, Cut, and Carat, are used to determine the quality and value of a Diamonius simulated diamond. The 5th and most important “C” is conflict-free.


Conflict diamonds, also known as “blood diamonds”, are mined diamonds that are sold to fund illegal operations of rebel, military and terrorist groups. Diamonius diamond simulants are completely conflict-free since our diamond simulants are lab-created. Diamonius simulated diamonds go even beyond conflict-free; our diamond simulants are eco-friendly.

In contrast to mining, there is no ecological devastation in the production of Diamonius diamond simulants.  To show our commitment to fighting the destruction that diamond mining does to our planet, we donate about $3.75 from every item sold to orphans in Sierra-Leone a nation whose population has been greatly abused by armed conflict and indebted slavery due to diamonds exported to first world countries.

Diamonius Simulated Diamonds

Color: Diamonius diamond simulants are colorless. All of our diamond simulants are rated D on the Diamond Color Grading Chart, just like a perfect diamond.

Clarity: Diamonius diamond simulants are flawless (FL), which is found in the rarest mined diamonds.  Flawless stones contain no external or internal inclusions.

Carat: The size is measured by carats, a unit of weight. Diamonius diamonds simulants are available in any size.

Cut: Diamonius diamond simulants are available in beautifully cut shapes and designs.

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